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Star State High School's Theater Club


Star State High's theater club was first formed in 1907, a few years after the forming of the High School. This club has since then grown and has put on many plays for the high school, local shelters, and organizations. From Tragedy's to Comedy's, this club has performed it all. this club is made up of students who enjoy performing. They perform in the plays, help with the lighting, and help with the props. This club lets students enjoy what they do with other people who enjoy doing the same thing that they enjoy. The members of the club gain life changing experiences from doing performances at shelters, and leave knowing that they have truly helped someone. This club does not just focus on the performances, but it also gives back to the community through community service. Along with performing shows at local shelters, they also help clean up old theaters, and help give workshops in acting for underprivileged children.This club consists of thirteen people who enjoy every minute of the being in this club. If you want to have fun and express yourself fully, come join the Star State High School's theater club. For more information please check out the site and go see who the members are, upcoming plays, and the calendar pages.