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The Canine Alarm System

If you don't want to worry about your car, or try to keep up with when it needs check up, you should try the new Canine Alarm System. The Canine Alarm system is a way to make sure that nothing will happen to your car. Using the strong sounds of a big dog, this system was created to inform you when something is wrong with your car, when your car needs check ups, ward off burgalars, and inform you if anything happens to your vehical. This system acts as a watch dog for your car. It has sensors on the outer and inner body of the car, yelps when something is wrong with your car, barks and grows as if attacking if someone trys to break into your car, and whines when the car needs a check-up. This System is your cars watch dog. All of these features are in an chip which is installed into your car for a total cost of $2,000. This chip is sold at all car dealerships and major electronic stores across the nation. Don't wait, get you chip installed today!

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