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Cheerleading | Dance | Comparing Cheerleading and Dance

Cheerleading originated at Princeton University in the 1880s with the first chant being, "Rah rah rah, tiger tiger tiger, sis sis sis, boom boom boom ahhhhhhh, Princeton Princeton Princeton!!”. Thomas Peeble came up with the first idea of organized chanting, but it was University of Minosota student Johnny Campbell who stood in front of a crowd and directed a cheer, making him the first real cheerleader. Cheerleading is most closely associated with American Footbal and to a lesser degree Basketball. Other sports rarely have cheerleaders. In 1948, Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer formed the national Cheerleaders Association(NCA) so that cheerleaders could have clinics. In the 1960s cheerleading teams for professional footbal teams were formed with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders setting the trend for other teams with their outfits and sophisticated dance the 1980s more difficult stunts and gymnastics was incorperated into the routines. Now there is high school cheerleading, sports league cheerleading, and All Star cheerleading. While high school and sports league cheerleading only go for a specific season, All Star cheerleading is year round. All Star cheerleading’s main objective is competitions. Cheerleading has grown to have 4 million participants.

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Written by Gabi Chavis!