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Cheerleading | Dance | Comparing Cheerleading and Dance
The Difference Between Cheerleading and Dance

Cheerleading and Dance have many elements that are similar and that are different. Cheerleading tends to have sharp precision movements, while dance tends to be more graceful. Cheerleading has many more difficult aspects than dance does. This includes difficult stunting and high levels of gymnastics. Although dancing may involve being more graceful and more movements, it is still very difficult. Dancing has more turns, jumps, positions, and movements than cheerleading does. Although they both may appear to be very different, they have many aspects that are similar. Dance is actually incorporated into cheerleading. Whether performing at a game or in a competition, dancing is always a part of the performance. Cheerleading had dances for sidelines, halftimes, and touchdowns. Different aspects of cheerleading are also incorporated into dance. Different jumps, such as the toe touch, are used in many performances. Although cheerleading and dance may appear to be two totally separate things, they actually use different elements from the other to help advance their performance.

So What Is the Difference?!
UniformsShell, Skirt, body liner, T-shirts and tops, bags, bows, pom poms, shorts and bloomers, cheerleading shoes and socksappropriate attire for each type of dance, dance shoes for each type of dance, tights, skirts, dresses, tutus, dance pants, performance clothes, and bags
Competitions per yearBCA International Championships, Conquering Cheer Competitions, America's Best Competitions, American All Star Competition, American Champianships Competition, the ACA-American Cheerleaders Association Competitions, and 46 other competitions for cheerleaders American Dance/Drill Team caompetition,Atlantic Cheer and Dance Championships, COA Cheer and Dance Competitions, Florida Cheer and Dance Association competitions, JAMfest, Royal Champions Cheer and Dance competitions, and UDA Dance Competitions
The number on a team5 to 35 on a teamunlimited number on a team
JumpsThe most popular jumps are tucks, spread eagles or stars, double hooks, toe touches, side hurdlers, front hurdlers, double nines, pikes and herkies. dance jumps are jete,grand jete, side/straddle leap, switch leap, toe touch, air, en l', assemble, axel, brise, cabriole, pas de chat, ciseauz, switch leap, tour en l'air

More Facts
how many typespresition movements,gymnastics, lifting, and dance ballet, folk dance, jazz, tap, hip hop, abstract dance, alegrias, allemande, ballo, ballroom dance, cha cha, charleston, modern, and 125 other types
requirements cheerleading requires strength, power, endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, and high levels of technical skilldance requires strength, good posture, flexibility, rhythm, and balance
costit cost $229.43 for a full package cheerleading uniformit cost $334.95 to have proper dance attire
practicepractice four days out of the weekpractice five days out of the week
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Cheerleading and Dance Form
Are you an: cheerleader dancer cheerleader and dancer
Which do you prefer? cheerleading dance

Which are your favorite cheerleading or dance jumps? toe touch herkies hurdlers switch leap jete assemble tour en l'air

What do you think is the one most important thing to have in cheerleading and dance?

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