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I am going on a trip to London next summer and I canít wait! Before we get to London we are going to stop at four different places before we go to London. Our first stop will be in New York. I will spend two days here shopping and spending time with my family. My next stop will be at Washington D.C.We will spend the next four days exploring our nationís capitol. The next place that we will go after all the fun that we have in Washington D.C would be would be Greensboro, North Carolina. We are going to spend a lot of time with our family members here. For the next three days we will barbeque, swim, and have fun with my family.. After we leave here we will go to Atlanta, Georgia. Although we will only be her for two days we will squeeze as much as we can into those days before we catch our flight to London, England. When we finally arrive in London, we will have the time of our lives. We will spend the next five days exploring the great city of London.

Lets go to London!
Location # of DaysHotel
New York 2Ritz-Carlton Central Park
Washington D.C. 4The Hay-Adams
Greensboro, North Carolina 3Grandover Resort
Atlanta, Georgia 2Omni Hotel Downtown
London, England 5Royal Garden Hotel
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